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Product name : Walnut shell abrasives
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Abrasives walnut shell 

Walnut shell abrasive applications: for deburring and polishing of glasses, button, jewellery, parts, etc. 

Description of walnut shell filter media 

Walnut shell filter material is developed and produced to lightweight filter material aiming at oily sewage treatment. Raw material is based on superior quality thick pecan shell, produced through degreasing, crushing, polishing, thermophilic digesting and many times screening. It is yellowish-brown, not decay, without spot, and has high tenacity. 

Product advantage 

1. High hardness, wear resistance, and good pressure resistance. 
2. Easy to dissolve in acid and alkali solution. 
3. Strong adsorption and dirt-cutting ability. Its adsorption rate is 27-50%. 
4. Good hydrophilic, resistant to oil immersed. 
5. Easy to backwashing and regeneration. It can be directly used for backwashing before filtering. 
6. Low operation cost, and easy to manage. 

Polished Walnut shell as abrasives 

Nuts kind of botanic abrasives, with good durable and flexible properties, can be used mixed with other polishing abrasives. 
Such as glass accessories polishing/pearl jewellery & buttons polishing/electronics part polishing, etc. 
It is of micro pore on the surface and high adsorption rate filter media. It is also a perfect polishing 
Abrasive material either. 
As abrasives, the main advantage is this abrasive will not damage the workpiece surface and has 
A good polishing effect. 
It is mainly used in deburring and polishing of glasses accessories, pearl jewellery, buttons, electronics 
Parts, stampings. 

Application of walnut shell filter media 

1. It is the ideal filling material for environmental protection equipment. 
2. It applies to oil, refining enterprise and other environmental protection engineering for water-oil separation. 
3. It is also used in water treatment devices.

Analysis items Testing data Analysis items Testing data
Oil removal 90-95% Backwashing strength 25m 3 /m 2 h
Suspended removal rate 90-98% Rinse water pressure 0.32Mpa
Filtration speed 20-25m/h Capacity 0.85g/cm 3
density 1.3g/cm 3 Maintenance method Every year added 5-10%


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