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Product name : Walnut shell filter media
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walnut shell filter media

 Walnut shell filter media
(1)widely used in oil, chemicals, leather and other industrial wastewater treatment and urban water supply and drainage works, is the best variety of filters for water purification filter material.
(2)polishing material and eyewear accessories, pearl jewelry, buttons, electronic parts, stamping parts, and other industries polishing deburring
2.Product packing
25 kg/bag,double woven bag packaging, export tons of bags are available,and can also be adjusted according to customer requirements for production
3.Advantages:Walnut shell is a natural material tumbling to do with it will not damage the abrasive surface, good polishing effect, etc., 
(a) compression capability diameter of 1.25-1.60mm of walnut shell particles, the average compression limit to 0.2295KN (23.40kgf). Diameter of 0.80-1.00mm of walnut shell particles, the average compression limit of 0.165KN (16.84kgf). 
(b) chemically stable, non-toxic substances, acids, alkalis, dissolved in water is very small, walnut shell loss in hydrochloric acid solution was 4.99%, the loss in sodium hydroxide solution was 3.8%, not cause deterioration of water quality.
4.Transportway:shipping by sea for big order
transportation by air for small order and samples
3# 8mm 4# 6mm
5# 5.00-4.00mm 16# 1.180-1.060mm
6# 4.00-3.15mm 20# 0.950-0.850mm
8# 2.80-2.36mm 14# 0.800-0.630mm
10# 2.00-1.80mm 30# 0.600-0.560mm
12# 1.74-1.66mm 36# 0.530-0.450mm
14# 1.40-1.25mm 46# 0.425-0.355mm

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