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Electroplated Diamond Cutting Discs

Author : Date : 2013/12/17 15:45:46
 Electroplated diamond cutting discs have very sharp cutting performance and generate minimum heat. Unlike metal bond diamond cutting tools, electroplated diamond cutting discs are more suitable to be used on dry cutting. For they have very high concentrated diamonds rigidly bonded on the surface by nickel alloy and the diamond particles protrude from the bond. The nickel bond electroplated diamond cutting discs are particularly suitable for beginning cutting operation. They can be used for cutting many hard and abrasive materials such as marble, granite, thermosetting plastics, GRP, pre-sintered and pre-fired (green) materials, electro carbons, graphite, soft ferrites, farinaceous products, pc boards, and etc.

One of the unique advantages of the Electroplated diamond cutting discs is flexibility of making into almost any diamond coating designs and specifications.
Continuous rim cutting discs provide smoother cutting on fiberglass, plastic, ceramic tiles & etc. 
Segmented rim cutting discs are more suitable for cutting marble, granite and abrasive materials where chipping is not a problem. 
“Key hole” and “U” shape slots are common slot types of segmented rim.
- Wear bars are also called pads or protection tips. Customized designs can be made.
- Grit Size:30 mesh-1000mesh
-Diameter:30mm to 300mm

For more information please contact usOther designs and specifications ofelectroplated diamond cutting discs are also available upon request. 

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