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Resin bond products

Author : Date : 2013/12/19 19:44:54

Resin bond grinding wheels including:
1.resin bond diamond grinding wheels
2.resin bond cbn grinding wheels
Features :good-self sharpening,sharp cutting,high efficiency,low roughness of work piece surface,few heat generating and without burning work piece,and suitable for high efficiency and precision grinding of most workpieces.

Resin bond diamond products:mainly used for machining tungsten carbide,pcbn tools,ceramic materials,magnetic materials,silicon materials,
and thermal spraying alloy materials and so on.
Resin bond CBN products:mainly used for machining high speed steel,cast iron and so on.

The diameter range is Φ10-700mm;the thickness range is 0.07 to 300 mm; the grit
size range is 60/70 to W3. We can also design and make nonstandard grinding wheels
according to customer's requirement.

Models:1A1,14A1,3A1,6A2,12A2,11A2,11V9,12V9,12V2,1A8 etc.

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