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Thermally Polycrystalline (TSP/PCD) diamond

Author : Date : 2014-2-18 14:17:53
Shape: Cubes, Cylinders, Discs, Rectangles, Triangles, hemi-Spheres, oval etc.
Application: As gauge protector and drilling cutters inserting for rock cutter machines and coal mining core drill bits for geotechnical (mining,water well drilling) tunneling, quarrying,construction and machinery aspect. 
Also we can adjust the composition to softer type polycrystalline diamond, which can be used for natural diamond cutting and polishing way.
Working formation:  Soft rocks and sea drilling with hardness 3-6 degrees, such as lime rock, marble, shale, etc, and in medium to hard rock with coarse grains formations.
More detailed:
Thermally stable diamond drill bit cutters maintain sharpness at temperatures up to 2000°F and are stronger to withstand drilling impact forces. Drill bits employing the TSP cutters are capable of reducing overall system costs through increasing rates of penetration and bit life. 
TSP materials with increased fracture resistance, can now be brazed with high attachment shear strength using microwave and combustion synthesis brazing.
With so many advantages, the tsp bit will be the fourth-generation drill bit for petroleum and geothermal drilling applications.
We have advanced techniques to test the impact resistance, thermal stability and wear-resistance. to meet different clients special requirement.
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