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Choosing The Right Rotary Diamond Dresser

Choosing The Right Rotary Diamond Dresser

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The rotary diamond dresser is called a diamond dressing roller or a high-precision diamond dressing roller and diamond roller. It is a grinding wheel dressing tool with high efficiency, high life, and low cost for the special machine tool processing of mass molding grinding. It can effectively replace the single crystal diamond pen for grinding wheel dressing. Its production efficiency is greatly improved, and the surface quality and precision of the machined parts are high. It is widely used in gear, bearing, crankshaft, lead screws, ball cages, blades, nozzle oil pumps, cutting tools, and other industries; the specific diamond dressing wheel introduction, classification, and application see the text.

Working principle of the rotary diamond dresser 

Working principle of diamond dressing roller: By installing on the dressing device of the grinding machine, the diamond roller trims the ordinary ceramic grinding wheel or CBN grinding wheel and then grinds the parts after the grinding wheel is formed so that the outline and accuracy, and size of the diamond roller are copied to the surface of the parts being processed by the grinding wheel.

Classification of the rotary diamond dresser

Diamond roller, also known as diamond dresser, diamond dressing roller, diamond roller, dressing wheel, etc. It is the main tool for dressing the grinding wheel with diamond particles as the main abrasive. According to the different production processes, diamond rollers are usually divided into three categories: sintered diamond rollers, electroplated diamond rollers, and CVD diamond rollers.

Sintered diamond roller

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Sintered diamond roller is also known as diamond sintering roller, hot pressed diamond roller, etc. It is mainly the use of artificial implantation or random distribution of large particles of diamond following a certain density of the matrix surface. Then sintered, according to the different ways of diamond Mosaic, and can be divided into hand-planted diamond roller and random distribution of sintered diamond roller two, its biggest feature is strong durability.

The sintered diamond roller is mainly made by the powder metallurgy method, commonly called the sintering method in the industry.

Model of sintered diamond roller

Machining in different fields and grinding objects. We've broken down three more models:

TS-type sintered diamond roller

The sintered diamond roller is made by placing the diamond randomly or manually on the cemented carbide matrix for sintering, its specialty is high durability, widely used, and most importantly, its diamond concentration can be adjusted. The disadvantage is that the diamond arrangement is a single column of layers. The concentration of diamond is not high density.

TN-type sintered diamond roller

The special feature of its diamond dressing roller is that the diamond concentration is high density and mechanically arranged, which is more durable than the first TS-type sintered diamond dressing roller. The disadvantage is that the conditions for dressing the roller in TN-sintered diamonds are relatively harsh.

T-type sintered diamond roller

Its special feature is that it can be used in channel grinding and can consider the cutting performance and life of the grinding wheel; most importantly, the diamond concentration can be adjusted, and the thickness of the diamond layer is relatively high. The disadvantage is that it takes a longer time to repair with a T-shaped sintered diamond dressing roller.

Electroplated diamond roller

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An electroplated diamond roller is also known as an electroplating roller, diamond electroplating roller, etc.; it is the use of the electroplating principle first on the substrate coating nickel and then under the action of current abrasive (diamond or CBN) adsorbed on the substrate surface, the specific process is divided into external plating method and internal plating method, so according to the production process can be divided into external gold-plated corundum roller and internal gold-plated corundum roller. An electroplated diamond roller's biggest feature is its high precision, which can produce small, complex shapes. An electroplating diamond roller can make a more complex profile, and the roller can be made without trimming the case can reach a higher accuracy; mainly used in bearing rings, special-shaped grooves, V-shaped grooves, complex surface screws, valves, gear, and other processing, electroplating diamond roller price is lower than a sintered diamond roller. Its dressing accuracy can be comparable to imported products, and electroplated diamond rollers can be customized according to the workpiece.

Type of electroplated diamond roller

UZ-type inner plating diamond roller

Its main characteristics are abrasive irregular propulsion on the surface, high concentration, high precision,

Us-type diamond roller

Its main feature is that the abrasive is arranged according to the design pattern, the grain size is coarse, and the processing efficiency is high.

S-type external degree diamond roller

Its main feature is similar to the general grinding wheel electroplating method; the accuracy is lower than the internal plating method.

SG-type external plating diamond roller

Its main feature is S type to be trimmed, improve accuracy, the user repair worm, tooth shape, and others.

Characteristics of electroplating diamond roller

It can make more complex shapes, and the diamond roller can achieve higher accuracy without trimming after production. Applied to bearing ring cold rolling and processing of shaped grooves, V-shaped grooves, and other width size error ≤0.01mm, depth size error ≤0.01mm, Angle error ≤1°, surface roughness ≤0.8m, this accuracy can be comparable to imported products. It is applied to the channel machining of micro bearings, such as 686, 693, and other models of channel grinding. If this method is trimmed, high accuracy can be obtained, and the curvature of the trench can reach ≤0.005mm and Ra≤0.2mm after dressing.

Non-wear-resistant reasons for electroplated diamond roller

1. The coolant supply is insufficient remedial measures: check the amount of coolant, as well as the position and direction of the nozzle, to ensure that during the grinding wheel dressing process, the diamond roller and the grinding wheel to be dressed in the contact area of coolant can be normally supplied.

2. The feed amount or transverse displacement of remedial measures is too large: check the diamond roller for grinding installation accuracy.

3. Rolling resistance is too large remedial measures: check the wear of the diamond roller.

4. Inaccurate remedies for transverse unidirectional vibration: check the transverse unit, the grinding wheel's balance, and the wheel shaft's accuracy in the thrust.

CVD diamond roller


CVD diamond roller is also known as CVD disc, CVD dressing roller, CVD dressing wheel, CVD dressing disc, CVD roller, CVD dresser, disc dresser, sintered CVD roller, etc., a new type of material, which is characterized by good dressing effect on CBN grinding wheel. In addition to the stable and effective correction effect of CVD diamonds, CVD tools can be ground multiple times, reducing the overall dressing cost compared to natural diamonds.

The main application areas of the rotary diamond dresser

As a grinding wheel dressing tool with high processing efficiency, high life, and low cost, the diamond roller, compared with traditional diamond single-point dressing pen, not only the production efficiency greatly improved, but the surface quality and accuracy of the machined parts are also higher, especially suitable for high-precision and mass production. There are many advantages of diamond rollers, and what are the key application areas? As ZY SUPERHARD TOOLS with decades of production, research, and development experience, the main application areas of diamond rollers are divided into the following categories:

1. Guide slide block, micro rail (linear guide, linear module).

2. Ball screw, screw. This field mainly uses sintered diamond rollers, sintered diamond roller life is very durable and cost-effective, and the service life of a roller is about 6 months.

3. Grinding machine supporting special diamond roller. ZY SUPERHARD TOOLS can be customized according to drawings.

4. Automobile bearings (tapered roller bearings, parts bearings), hub bearing units, and wind power bearings.

5. Tap cutting tools.

6. Blade (wind power blade, engine blade), impeller (ring groove roller, drilling industry).

7. Saw blade, rack industry.

Precautions for rotary diamond dresser working

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ZYSUPERHARD, based on years of production and research and development experience, has sorted out the following points for processing attention:

1. Find the best experience and dressing parameters before using a diamond roller to dress the grinding wheel. Generally, the maximum surface roughness of the grinding wheel should be obtained if the workpiece requirements are allowed to obtain the highest grinding efficiency.

2, in the case of obtaining the same Rts value requirements, it should be used as far as possible to avoid accelerating the wear of the roller due to high relative speed.

3, when it is found that the grinding surface is too rough, to ensure the highest possible life of the roller, it can be improved by reducing the feed rate of the grinding wheel per revolution. It is better than increasing the number of revolutions and changing the speed ratio.

4, because there is a wide range of dressing parameters for different grinding processes (qd=+0.8~0.5, ar=0.01~1.0μm/r, na=0~50) and considering that the problems in grinding are mostly from the grinding wheel too bright (blunt).

5. The cutting roller dressing is somewhat similar to the cylindrical cutting grinding workpiece; the motor drives the work of the roller to rotate, and the relative grinding wheel does the cutting movement to dress the grinding wheel. In the design, we must consider the three parameters of cut-in dressing: dressing speed ratio, dressing feed, and light repair speed.

6. When installing electroplated diamond rollers, the clearance between the diamond rollers and the axis should be as small as possible to prevent them from generating vibration, which will damage the rollers.

7. When the diamond-forming roller is not working, do not give it a strong impact. If it is dressing the grinding wheel at work, do not press the drive button at the contact point between the grinding wheel and the roller, and only after we leave can we press the start and end buttons.

8. When dressing the grinding wheel, it should be noted that the contact part of the diamond wheel and the grinding wheel is fully injected with coolant, and there should be no stolen goods in the coolant to prevent damage to the corrector.


Rotary diamond dresser (also called Diamond dressing roller), according to different applications, manufacturing methods are divided into the reverse plating method, penetration method, plating method, and sintering method; it can meet the highest accuracy and tolerance requirements of customers, dressing wheel efficiency is extremely high, it has a simple mechanism, dressing time is short, long service life, high dressing precision, high efficiency and a series of advantages.

Diamond trimmer, diamond roller. Our factory can customize different specifications and models of diamond rollers according to the different requirements of customers; Welcome to inquire! Customer satisfaction! Is our ZYsuperhard pursuit!


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