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The Development Of PCD Tools In The New Energy Vehicle Industry

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New energy vehicles are major projects relevant Chinese state departments have vigorously promoted in recent years. On May 17, 2023, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly formulated the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of charging infrastructure to Better Support New Energy Vehicles to the Countryside and Rural Revitalization," which pointed out that Encourage qualified places to rural residents to purchase new energy vehicles within the county where the household registration is located, and provide support such as consumption vouchers; Strengthen the layout and construction of public charging infrastructure, and realize that the regional charging stations suitable for the use of new energy vehicles "cover all counties" and charging piles "cover all townships"; Encourage local conditions to introduce particular support policies for the construction and operation of public charging infrastructure in rural areas. The country's rural population is as high as 510 million, which is an important direction to tap the potential of domestic demand. Accelerating the promotion of the purchase and use of new energy vehicles by rural residents in areas suitable for the development of new energy vehicles and releasing the potential of rural consumption is not only conducive to the development of rural tourism and rural revitalization but also an important starting point for the country to promote consumption and expand domestic demand. In the past three years, although the new energy vehicles in the vast county area market in China have increased, the rural new energy vehicle market is still a blue ocean to be developed, which is mainly manifested in two aspects: ample space for new sales and the great demand for renewal and upgrading.

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In its production process, New energy vehicles have a great demand for superhard precision cutting tools, especially PCD tools. Some parts of new energy vehicles are aluminum alloy and composite materials, including motor housing, shaft parts, battery boxes, differentials, etc. PCD tools have obvious advantages in the processing of the above materials. New energy vehicles are in a stage of rapid development, and The demand for superhard tools increases correspondingly. While constantly improving the market share, the technology of new energy vehicles is also developing rapidly, and higher requirements are also put forward for metal processing tools.

New energy vehicle motor shell

In new energy vehicles, the motor directly affects the performance of the new energy vehicle power system. The motor is integrated with the reducer and differential, resulting in different shell shapes and structures. There are also many kinds of motor shell materials. Still, to adapt to the general trend of lightweight automotive development, the typical material of the motor shell is cast aluminum alloy. We propose a set of advanced tool solutions for the electric motor housing of new energy vehicles to meet various situations in processing.

In aluminum alloy, a milling cutter for related processing is introduced, in which the PCD blade adopts a single cutting edge. Carbide inserts use 4 or 8 cutting edges, depending on the depth of the cut. Roughing and finishing can be completed simultaneously, and it is outstanding on thin-walled aluminum alloy parts.

For the drilling of aluminum alloy parts, there are straight groove drilling and three groove drilling, can provide the overall carbide material and PCD material for customers to choose, combined with its optimized polishing chip tank and high-precision coolant hole design, can ensure the quality of the hole while obtaining longer tool life.

New energy vehicle gearbox

The bearing seat installation processing hole is essential in processing new energy vehicle transmissions. Among the processing difficulties, the aperture tolerance is high (IT6), the hole shape and position tolerance is high (cylindricity/roundness), and the hole roughness is high (Ra0.8, some parts require Ra range). The tool is required to be efficient, high-precision, and stable in processing.

For hole finishing with such high precision,

◆ It can be processed by the whole single-edge fine boring tool + non-standard PCD chamfering tool holder, which has the advantages of low tool cost and flexible tool size.

◆ The single-edge reamer has excellent form and position tolerances, and the tool size can be fine-tuned.

◆ Welded PCD reamer can guarantee its shape and position tolerance and aperture, and multi-tooth cutting provides efficient processing capacity.

New energy auto parts

At present, most parts of the new energy automobile industry are mainly cast aluminum materials, mainly to meet the requirements of a lightweight body because aluminum has low density, light weight, good molding processing, can be recycled, energy saving, and environmentally protection advantages, and aluminum can improve car driving performance and safety and comfort performance, reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental pollution, therefore, Aluminum alloy is recognized as one of the ideal materials for future cars.

New energy vehicle motor end cover

PCD fine-tuning boring tool is used for motor end cover processing of new energy vehicles. The tool adopts the combination design of a rough boring tool clip and fine-tuning unit. The first step adopts a fine-tuning unit, which can achieve fine adjustment of diameter size and adjustment accuracy of 1μm; In the second stage, the composite structure of the coarse boring tool clip and the fine boring fine-tuning unit is used to achieve the rough boring to eliminate the margin, the precision of fine boring is completed with one knife, the number of tools is reduced, and the processing efficiency is improved. Expendable blade structure, and economic and environmental protection, can be selected according to the workpiece material of different alloy blades, PCD blades (pcd inserts), or PCBN inserts (pcbn blades); the Dynamic balance design standard is G2.5,4000RPM to achieve high-speed and efficient processing.

PCD tool can overcome the problems of short service life, unstable processing effect and easy tool wear when the traditional monolithic alloy tool is used for aluminum processing. PCD super hard tool is made of super hard material PCD (poly crystalline diamond) and tool matrix by special process, with high hardness, high compressive strength, good thermal conductivity, good wear resistance.

Because of the complex structure and irregular shape of the new electric energy vehicle shell, battery box, and transmission, it requires multiple tools to complete the processing; ZY-superhard design PCD, composite molding tools, can realize multi-process one-step molding during processing, such as milling, drilling, reaming, reaming, counter facing or chamfering of different processing parts. Significantly improve the processing efficiency, reduce the error caused by multiple tool changes, complete one-step processing, significantly improve the processing accuracy requirements of the workpiece surface, good stability, and high product accuracy advantages.

ZY-superhard tools are committed to the research and development, and manufacturing of PCD tools in the automotive and aerospace industries and can provide perfect tool processing solutions and processing experience in the automotive cylinder head, gearbox, steering, braking system, etc.; welcome to contact us when you need related pcd tools.

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