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MCD SCD Single crystal diamond arc cutters

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MCD SCD Single crystal diamond arc cutters can process kinds of arc parts; we summarize and share their category and application according to the shape and application.

(1) Single crystal diamond arc cutter – Customized diamond outer and inner R cutter. They are suitable for mobile phone shells, decorative pieces, digital camera shells, copper and aluminum products, decorative parts, acrylic crystal keys, acrylic panels, and decorative strip high bright edge chamfer processing.

(2) Single crystal arc diamond cutter -- Highlighting aluminum milling cutter, suitable for aluminum alloy, light metal alloy, and other non-black metal parts milling, mirror highlighting.

(3) Single crystal arc diamond cutter - Single crystal diamond chamfer cutter, suitable for apple phone shell, aluminum alloy products, light metal alloy products, acrylic nameplates, and other parts of the panel mirror highlight, side chamfer.

Single crystal arc cutter SCD has the advantages as follows

(1)   high-speed highlight machining,

(2)   high processing efficiency;

(3)   high finish of processed products to achieve the effect of specular highlight;

(4)   Product surface without burr, white line, or dark spot phenomenon;

(5)   The kind of tool owns long service life, and Its life is 20-100 times the ordinary tool's life; it has better service life under ideal conditions.

(6)   It can also save chip-to-chip tool changing time, not only owns high efficiency, the key is that it can achieve the effect that ordinary cutters can not succeed; this is the main reason that regular blades can not be reached and replaced.

The advantages of a single crystal diamond SCD arc cutter offered by us

(1) Sharp and precise cutting-edge, fine-quality,

(2) Using high hardness, high wear resistance of single crystal diamond material,

(3) The seismic design of the cutting edge can suppress the vibration in the machining process, stable cutting performance, and improve the processing quality.

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(4) Workers can repeatedly trim the tool.



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