Hole Processing

Cutting Edge Material:PCD

PCD Types:PCD compound tool, PCD step reamer, PCD step drill

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Application:finish machining,semi finishing the automobile valve body

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Spool valve hole Processing Scheme

1.Cutting parameter

The tool is designed for double-blade structure, which will make the feed rate is very high. Under the condition that the lower speed must be applied, it is beneficial to meet the production requirements. At the same time, the lower speed is good for extending the life of the machine spindle.

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2.Steady cutting

This depends on the design of the parts to be processed, clamping, etc., due to casting or cooling and other uncertain factors, sometimes need to take strong cutting, including the following points:

● Import with central cylinder (optional,MQL,and x D dependent)

● Guide hole machining - Often create a round hole as a semi-finishing or finishing tool lead-in

● Cylindrical lead-in and machining guide hole tools are often combined.

● Semi-finishing - Remove most of the margin to prepare for finishing

● Finish - to aperture size

Automotive Valve Body Processing.jpg

Please note: for processing program, mainly consider the following factors

■ Tolerance requirements of machined parts

■ Pre-cast hole status

■ Aspect ratio of machined parts

■ The number of diameters to be processed

■ Rigidity of machined parts

■ Fixture strength

■ Cooling type

Information provided as follows,

▲ Drawing, sample, or standard model of cutting tool

▲The brand and hardness of the processing material

▲Dimensional accuracy requirements

▲Equipment type and cooling method

▲ For non-standard products, please provide CAD drawings and indicate the dimensions, tool materials, processed materials, and tolerance range on the drawings

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