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Main Applications Of ZY Super Hard Tools CVD Tools


Jewelry pattern engraving is inseparable from diamond tools, with a variety of different diamond tools, so that the jewelry of a variety of complex patterns appear. There are also many types of diamond tools, and today ZYSUPERHARD TOOLS introduces you to the main applications of CVD knives in diamond knives.

The application of CVD diamond cutting tools in machining

CVD includes tools (mainly machining), thermal applications and so on. At present, CVD products mainly have the following categories:

CVD ordinary tools, high-precision tools; CVD grinding wheel dressing pen; CVD drawing die and finished die; CVD new high pressure, water jet wear-resistant nozzle; CVD laminate wood processing tools; CVD precision bearing support and wear-resistant devices.

CVD diamond tools have three main applications:

1.CVD tool is used for metal cutting

CVD diamond tools can be used to make turning tools, milling tools, planing tools, boring tools and other mechanical processing tools.

In the past two years, various types of diamond film turning tools and key-knives have been used in dozens of domestic enterprises, and are being widely promoted abroad, and their application is as follows: instead of cemented carbide cutting tools, the efficiency is increased by ten to one hundred times, the labor intensity is reduced, the work-piece processing accuracy is significantly improved, and the surface roughness is significantly reduced. It is the ideal machining tool for super-hard materials and organic composite materials; Compared with PCD tool, CVD tool has lower surface roughness and better cutting edge. In some areas can replace natural diamond tools.

In terms of the silicon aluminum alloy materials used in the domestic automotive industry, the silicon content is about 12%, on the one hand, due to its uneven material, there are hard points, the current PCD tool occupies most of the market, CVD share is very small, such as wheel hub tools, slot machining tools. On the other hand, because the current CVD is not conductive, and the conductive performance of PCD, so that there is a difference in the production process of the two tools, PCD can be processed by electrical processing, and CVD is not, if you can solve the problem of CVD tool production process, you can compete with PCD tools in the automotive industry.

Practice shows that the CVD tool adopts the correct geometric Angle, and can be used as a precision cutting tool for non-ferrous metals and super hard materials after refining, such as the motor knife (also known as the commutator knife or commutation tool ) for turning copper. Tests have been carried out under the following conditions:

Tool: CVD turning tool, tool tip polishing edge L=1mm, front Angle 8°, back Angle 8°, main declination Angle 60°, cutting edge roughness Ra0.1µm;

Machine tool: CJ6125;

Environment: precision machining laboratory;

Work-piece material: silicon aluminum alloy containing 8% silicon, copper;

Cutting parameters: n=1400r/min,f=4mm/min,AP=0.015mm/r

Under the above test conditions, the roughness of the work-piece after turning is Ra0.012µm, which is impossible for PCD products to achieve. It can be seen that CVD tools can achieve the effect of turning instead of grinding, processing to mirror roughness, and its cost is much lower than that of natural diamond (single crystal diamond) tools.

2.CVD is used for non-metal processing

CVD is also popular in woodworking tools for its high wear resistance. Such as the current hot wood flooring industry, due to the performance of Al2O3 laminate wood flooring is better than melamine wood flooring, its wear-resistant layer is harder, carbide tool processing Al2O3 laminate wood flooring has been powerless, must use diamond tools. Two years of market research results show that CVD is a high-quality woodworking tool material.

For the processing of hard and brittle materials such as stone, glass fiber, carbon composite and organic composite materials, CVD is the ideal tool material.

3. High-precision cutting tools

Ordinary tool materials (such as high-speed steel) and carbide materials due to their own properties (such as wear resistance, hardness, etc.), it is difficult to achieve very high precision, such as plate making industry with plate finishing knife, jewelry industry with jewelry knife (commonly known as splicing knife) and so on. This kind of tool requires its own high accuracy and surface roughness is very low (roughness Ra0.05µm), the use of high-precision grinding machine (spindle run-out is 0.1µm), made of surface roughness Ra0.05µm CVD precision tool, its dimensional accuracy is 5µm, has been used in plate processing and anti-counterfeiting trademark processing, the effect is good, The work piece surface roughness can reach Ra0.012µm.

At present, CVD diamond tools have been widely used in super finishing, finishing, semi-finishing and continuous cutting, wear resistance than PCD tool 2 ~ 10 times higher, its performance price is better than other diamond tools.

These are the main applications of CVD tools in diamond tools, do you understand? ZYsuperhard tools has nearly 30 years of experience in the production of diamond TOOLS engineers, with the world's advanced manufacturing process and industrial equipment, choose diamond tools, find ZY SUPER HARD TOOLS.


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