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SG Abrasive Grinding Wheels

First, SG abrasives are abrasives with microcrystalline structures prepared by the sol-gel method. Micron-grade alumina is used to complete sol-gel by adding a series of high-tech formulations, and then abrasive particles are made by a series of supporting processes. Its raw material, technical conditions, and process requirements are strict. By adding modifiers with different properties and controlling gel conditions, microcrystals with different structures can be obtained, and the microcrystals are arranged in order. It is characterized by small crystal sizes, also known as nano-ceramic materials. It has high hardness, good toughness, and intense sharpness. They are also known as SG ceramic abrasives. Because of the fine crystal, ceramic abrasives can make the abrasives stratified regularly off; at the same time, has good self-sharpening and keep the sharpness of the whole abrasive, so the processing effect is good. Can make sand belt and grinding wheel use. SGF abrasives are a mixture of SG abrasives and alumina abrasives. Generally, SG abrasives can be made into products by mixing alumina and corundum abrasives in a particular proportion according to grinding requirements, achieving the best grinding effect and grinding wheel cost. This abrasive is known as SFG abrasive in the industry.

SG abrasive, also known as ceramic microcrystalline corundum, is currently the most advanced abrasive in the corundum system. It refers to the corundum abrasive produced by the sol-gel process, with a microscopic grain size of 50-500 nanometers. SG's abrasive appearance has two kinds of blue and white particle shapes, including natural particles, round strips, triangular strips, triangular pieces, and others.

The main component of SG abrasive is Alpha alumina. As a new generation of alumina abrasive, SG abrasive has the advantages of high hardness, good toughness, high grinding efficiency, intense sharpness, and good self-sharpness. Compared with ordinary corundum abrasives, SG has the advantages of a high wear ratio, high durability, good workpiece surface processing quality, less grinding wheel dressing, and high grinding efficiency.

SG abrasive main applications: automotive, machinery, metal processing, electronic products, others

In industry, SG abrasives are often used to make all kinds of consolidated and coated abrasives, especially for grinding aerospace alloys, hardened workpieces, tool steel, hard cast iron, bearings, heat-resistant alloys, tools, and other products. Usually, SG can be mixed with white corundum (or other corundum abrades) in a particular proportion to make grinding wheels according to the grinding requirements of different occasions, which has achieved the best combination of grinding effect and grinding wheel cost. SG abrasive performance is better than similar corundum abrasives, and the price is much lower than cubic borax wheel CBN diamond abrasives. Since SG abrasives are more expensive than ordinary abrasives, companies often pair them with other abrasives to achieve the best cost performance.

We also supply other general grinding wheel,such as follows,

1. A Brown corundum, suitable for low carbon steel, alloy steel, and cast iron workpiece grinding hardness.

2. WA(38A) white corundum, widely used in alloy steel, tool steel workpiece grinding, good self-sharpening, and high sharpness.

3. AWA (19A) brown corundum mixed with white corundum, used for workpiece grinding with medium hardness, can ensure the workpiece surface roughness but also has a specific grinding efficiency.

4. PA(25A) chrome corundum grinding performance is the same as white corundum because the abrasive has a certain toughness and specific role in improving the workpiece surface roughness.

5. SA(32A) single crystal corundum, abrasive particles sharp and hard, high hardness of alloy steel, tool steel, and stainless steel workpiece has a good cutting effect.

6. MA(80A) new single crystal corundum abrasive does not contain sulfur composition, suitable for environmental protection needs, and grinding performance is the same as SA.

7. GC /C green silicon carbide/black silicon carbide, suitable for cast iron, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, non-metallic (such as rubber) grinding.




P D × H × d

Used for grinding outer circle, inner circle, plane and center-less grinding

Double cup

PSA D × H × d—2—d 1 × t 1 × t 2

Used for grinding cylindrical, center-less and cutting tools

Double bevelled


PSX D × H × d

Used for grinding gears and threads



N D × H × d

Used for grinding surface of vertical shaft end



D D × H × d

Used for sharpening tool front


BW D × H × d

Used for guide grinding and grinding tools

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