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The 21st Shenzhen International Small Motor Magnetic Materials Exhibition

The 21st Shenzhen International Small Motor Magnetic Materials Exhibition

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The first industry event of the year -- the 21st Shenzhen International Small Motor and Motor Industry Magnetic Materials Exhibition opened at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 10th! This exhibition brings together many well-known brands and leading enterprises in the industry. The results and technology on display are advanced and unique, covering raw materials, components and products, manufacturing equipment and testing equipment, and other complete products, services, and overall solutions.

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As the first electrical machinery exhibition held in China this year, It has attracted the national precision micro motor engineering and technology research center, Shenzhen aerospace micro motor, Linquan motor, Smart micro motor, Zhenhua Micro, Zhenhuafu, Japan JFE, Belgium Metis, Sinosteel Tianyuan, Baotou Jinshan magnetic material, Guangdong Jinyan Industry, Magkun magnetic, friends trade motor, Guangdong Xinxin intelligent, Hubei Kefeng intelligent, Rongde robot, Qingdao Epu, Zigong Hengji, Zigong Jiangyang, Hangzhou Zhijian Holding Group, Guangdong Pinjialing, Jinli Permanent magnet, several magnetic technology, Fuerte Electronics, Heli laser, Jinlun magnetic materials, Yichun Feng magnetic new materials, Hengtong magneto, Ningbo Tongchuang, Zhejiang Chuang special new materials, Ming Rui magnetic industry, Shan magnetic Industry, Ningbo Jizhao Electric, Fuji Electric, Jiechuang bearing, Tiejin bearing, Magic carbon, Changzhou Shaoding, Weihai Xinguang Electrocarbon, Shenzhen Jingdachen, Star Creation magnetic Industry, Ningbo Port permanent magnet material, Huarui Electric Appliance Co., LTD., Wanster Magnetic Industry, Dongguan Weizheng Technology, Ningbo Micron, Mianyang West magnetic Technology, Hangzhou Weifeng Electronics, Ling Ou Chuangcore, Chengdu Tu Nan Electronics, Zelin Silicon steel, Westam, Na Sheng Electronics, Yi Cheng Intelligent, Dongguan Qiaozhili, Liwei Control technology, Taihe Electric Machine, Abas, Hanzhong Wan Eye, Chengdu Galaxy, Long billion mechanical and electrical, Ping Sheng automation, Ju Sheng electrical appliances, Guangdong Qiu Shuo, Xin Hui transmission, Hunan gold magnetic, De long automation, Guangdong tension technology, Ningbo Hongda motor, thousand and precision, treasure magnetic technology, Kemeda automation, Cedeke measurement and control, Zhang you technology, Changzhou Bike measurement and control, Ningbo Senfuli motor, Anhui Fuxin magnetic industry, Heng Jia motor, McGrebo, Sanfeng , tension measurement and control, force, Dongguan Bang, Delong machinery, Tianheng measurement and control, Dongguan Jiahao, Goodhigh motion, Yangzhou Hua Chong, permanent super insulation materials, love and electric, South Jida, Sheng Hui Da, Changhai new energy, Keda motor, Yu Da electrical appliances, Fu Eagle electronics, Ente, good friend amorphous, macro extension instruments, Tianhong electronics, Xinyou new materials and other hundreds of industry well-known enterprises and representatives participate, The content of the exhibition covers the upstream and downstream links of manufacturing industry, fully meeting the diversified needs of the market.

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One of the exhibition's highlights is the display of the latest magnetic materials, manufacturing processes, and application technologies. In the exhibition area, hundreds of exhibitors displayed permanent magnet materials for motors, gears for small motors, and other supporting materials, setting off the audience's enthusiasm. Some exhibitors at the exhibition site were also equipped with several small pieces of equipment, showing advanced technology such as a small magnetic drive system。

At the exhibition site, the National Precision micro motor engineering and Technology Research Center, Shenzhen Smart micro motor, Guizhou Aerospace Linquan Motor, Shenzhen Aerospace Motor System, Chengdu Chen Aeromagnetics Industry formed an exhibition group focusing on the latest large and medium-sized motors, EPS motor, IBOOST motor, fan, and other products; Products are widely used in new energy, automobile, industrial automation, mobile communication, and other fields.

JFE Steel Corporation presents the JFE Super Core material, the world's only highest grade non-oriented silicon steel used in high-frequency reactors and high-frequency transformers, contributing to high efficiency and miniaturization of equipment and low noise.

As a pioneer in using finite element models in the magnetization process, Metis Instruments has extensive experience dealing with the magnetization of large and small components. Complete hysteresis curves of free samples can be measured using our flagship measurement system, HyMPulse.

Hubei Kefeng is one of China's largest enterprises specializing in producing planetary gear reducers. This time, the micro planetary gear reducer can be displayed. The high precision backlash is less than 3 arc-minutes.

Shenzhen Youmao product specifications are various, which brushless motor, outer diameter of 50mm, iron chip height of 25mm, and external controller, more used for power tools, can be customized。

Ningbo Hongda is the world's leading one-stop solution provider of self-bonding motor core technology. The self-bonding core that can be exhibited this time is jointly developed with Shougang and Remblantin to solve the world's technical problems of mass production and stacking of ultra-thin electrical steel cores。

Yangzhou Hua Chong exhibits high-quality samarium cobalt permanent magnet, among which the remanent magnetic of HCM-35H reaches 11.7~12kGs, and the magnetic energy product exceeds 33MGOe, which is the highest samarium cobalt product available in the world at present.


National Rare Earth Functional Materials Innovation Center exhibited heat-resistant stability motor magnet and samarium cobalt magnet high-performance magnet grain boundary regulation technology. Both the products and technology belong to the advanced level in China, which is the consistent choice of aerospace, military, wind power, and energy-saving household appliances manufacturers.


On the exhibition's opening day, the 13th China International Micro Special Motor Technology Development Forum was jointly held by Zhizhan Exhibition and the National Precision Micro Special Motor Engineering and Technology Research Center (after this, referred to as "Engineering Center"). Professor Dong Shuxiang from Shenzhen University/Peking University was the host. He controlled the audience's pace methodically and cleverly, connecting the presentation's content and the questions. The exhibition invited many experts, scholars, and outstanding business representatives to share their insights and make wonderful speeches. Professionals discuss the development trends and cutting-edge technologies of magnetic materials for small motors. Representatives of enterprises have in-depth dialogue with professionals worldwide to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between industries.

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Meanwhile many superhard tool industries are also accelerating the development of research and production of different high-precision ultra-hard tools for processing various magnetic materials.


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