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Precision Grinding Technology Solutions

Precision Grinding Technology Solutions

With technology's continuous development and strength, grinding has been widely used in the rough and finish machining of metals and other materials and is a very important cutting method. Grinding processing has become the most effective and widely used basic process technology to achieve precision and ultra-precision machining in modern machinery manufacturing, providing people with high precision, high quality, and highly automated technical equipment development and development.

Centerless Grinding

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Centerless grinding is also called centerless grinding, a kind of grinding processing. There are two grinding wheels, a guide wheel, and a grinding wheel. The guide wheel drives the cylindrical workpiece to rotate on the cushion iron, and the grinding wheel plays a grinding role on the workpiece. Centerless grinding belongs to the cycle grinding method.

A Centerless grinding machine is a fast and productive equipment for precision batch and batch production grinding. The grinding wheel achieves a high removal rate. In addition, Centerless grinders do not need a center because they grind in the center. Centerless grinding can create materials and parts of various shapes and sizes, especially for applications in the bearing and automotive industries.

External Grinding

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The cylindrical grinding machine is one frequently-used machine tool in all grinding machines. It is generally composed of the base part of the cast iron bed, workbench, supporting and driving the workpiece rotation of the head frame, tail seat, installation of grinding wheel frame (grinding head), control of the size of the grinding workpiece transverse feed mechanism, control of machine tool moving parts of the electrical and hydraulic devices and other main components. The external grinding machine can be generally divided into an ordinary external grinding machine, universal external grinding machine, wide grinding wheel external grinding machine, end face external grinding machine, multi-wheel frame external grinding machine, multi-disc grinding wheel external grinding machine, cut type external grinding machine and special external grinding machine.

A cylindrical grinding machine is mainly used for precision grinding of the end face, cylindrical and conical surface of batch shaft parts, the main equipment in automobile engines and other industries. Also suitable for military, aerospace, general precision machining workshop batch small, high precision requirements of shaft parts processing.

Internal Grinding

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An internal grinding machine is mainly used for grinding cylindrical, conical, or other shape lines developed into the surface of the inner hole and its end face.

A grinding machine for processing a workpiece's cylindrical, conical or other shape lines forms the inner hole surface and its end face. Internal grinding machine is divided into an ordinary internal grinding machine, planetary internal grinding machine, centerless internal grinding machine, coordinate grinding machine, and special purpose internal grinding machine. According to the arrangement of the sand wheel shaft, the internal grinder has horizontal and vertical points.

The internal grinding machine is divided into ordinary and universal internal grinding machines. Among them, the universal internal grinder is the most widely used. The inner cylindrical grinding machine can grind the inner cylinder, inner conical surface, and step shaft end face of various shaft and sleeve workpieces.

Single-Side Grinding

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They are mainly used for sapphire, ceramics, silicon, germanium, quartz crystal, glass, carbon arsenide, ferrite, lithium niobate, and other non-metallic hard, brittle material sheet parts, and extremely soft materials such as aluminum alloy, blue glass surface high-precision single-side grinding and polishing.

Double-Side Grinding

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The double-sided grinder differs from the traditional surface grinder, although the double-sided grinder is also a surface processing of hard materials. The double-sided grinding machine is mainly CNC type and works on the servo motor and air pressure principle. It can be ground on both sides simultaneously, the accuracy reaches 0.001mm, and the finish can be polished to the mirror.

Face Grinding

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The end grinding machine is a high precision end machining equipment with high strength mechanical structure and stable accuracy.

It is main double-sided grinding hydraulic, pneumatic components, hydraulic motor parts, automotive steering pump parts, refrigeration compressor parts, oil pump nozzle parts, engine parts, high-precision bearings, seals, piston rings, measuring tools, molds, instruments, carbide blades, ceramic valve core, magnetic materials, and other products.

Form Grinding

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Form grinding refers to the finished workpiece needs to rely on grinding to process it into a specific shape; form grinding machining center and different from the general plane, round, centerless, inner diameter grinding, form grinding process is the first grinding wheel with a stone pen or directly manufactured into the required specific shape, and then grinding the workpiece to become the same shape as the wheel. This method is called "copying grinding" or "SEIKEI." The most common stamping dies for electronic parts, such as terminal joints, must cut the die parts equidistant and maintain the sharp Angle at the bottom of the ditch to flush out the required copper product shape.

Belt Grinding

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Belt grinding belongs to one elastic grinding. Because the carrier of the abrasive belt is composed of a cloth base or paper base and other elastic materials, coupled with the elastic characteristics of a binder and rubber contact wheel, abrasive belt grinding is a composite processing technology with grinding, grinding, and polishing.


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The grinding machine that uses the honing head 

to hone the workpiece finishing surface is mainly used in the automobile, tractor, hydraulic parts, bearing, aviation, and other manufacturing industries to hone the hole of the workpiece. Honing machines are available in vertical and horizontal types.


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