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Use Of PCD Tools For Stone Engraving Machine

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How do we choose the suitable PCD tools for  For Stone Engraving Machine

1. The selection of PCD particle size is related to tool processing

such as finishing or super finishing, and should choose high strength, good toughness, good impact resistance, and fine-grained PCD. The coarse-grain PCD tool can apply for general rough processing.

2. The particle size of PCD material significantly influences the tool wear and damage performance

The research shows that the larger the size of PCD, the stronger the abrasion resistance of the tool. The tool wear test results of machining SiC matrix composites using 002 and 025 PCD materials show that PCD material with particle size of 2µm is easier to wear.

3.Choose PCD blade thickness properly.

Usually, the thickness of the PCD composite is about 0.3 to 1.0mm, and the total thickness of the PCD composite is about 2 to 8mm with the hard alloy layer. The thinner PCD layer is conducive to the EDM of the blade. The 0.3mm thick PCD composite can reduce the grinding force and increase the cutting speed of EDM. When the PCD composite sheet is welded with the tool body material, the thickness of the hard alloy layer should not be too small to avoid delamination caused by the stress difference between the joint surface of the two materials.

4.Tool geometric parameters and structure design

The geometric parameters of the PCD cutter of the stone engraving machine depend on the workpiece condition, tool material and structure, and other specific processing conditions. Because the PCD tool is often for workpiece finishing, the cutting thickness is small (sometimes even equal to the radius of the cutting tool). It belongs to micro-cutting, so the rear angle and after-the-tool face processing quality have an apparent influence. The smaller back Angle, higher after the tool faces quality to improve the PCD tool processing quality, can play an important role. 

The connection modes of PCD composite piece and toolbar include mechanical clamping, welding, indexable, and others.The characteristics and application of connecting mode between PCD composite piece and toolbar. Connection mode - Features - Scope of application: mechanical clamping - by the standard tool body and can be made into a variety of different angles of the interchangeable blade, with the advantages of quick change and easy regrinding - small and medium-sized machine tools, the whole welding - compact structure, convenient production, can be made into small size tool - unique tool or challenging to clamp the tool, for small machine tools, clamp welding - blade welding on the tool head, Can use the standard toolbar, accessible to grinding and adjust the position of the tool head - automatic machine tools, CNC machine tools, indexable - compact structure, reliable clamping, no need to re-grinding and welding, can save auxiliary time,improve tool life.

Influence of cutting parameters of PCD tool on cutting performance

①Cutting speed

The PCD cutter of the stone engraving machine can be used for machining under a highly high spindle speed. Still, we can't ignore the influence of the change in cutting speed on machining quality. Usually, high-speed cutting can improve machining efficiency; when high-speed cutting, the increase in cutting temperature and cutting force can damage the tooltip and make the machine vibrate. When processing different workpiece materials, the reasonable cutting speed of the PCD tool is also different. For example, the reasonable cutting speed of milling the Al2O3 laminate floor is 110-120m /min. The reasonable cutting speed for turning SiC particle-reinforced aluminum matrix composites and silica-based engineering ceramics is 30 to 40m/min.

②Amount of feed

If the PCD cutter feed is too large, it can cause an increase in the residual geometric area on the workpiece, increasing surface roughness; If the feed is too small, the cutting temperature can rise, and the cutting life changes reduced.

③Cutting depth

Increasing the cutting depth of the PCD tool can increase the cutting force and the cutting heat, which can aggravate the tool's wear and affect the tool's life. In addition, the increase in cutting depth can easily cause PCD tool breakage. With the different granularity of PCD cutting tools in different processing conditions processing different workpiece materials, the cutting performance is not the same, so we should determine the actual cutting parameters of PCD cutting tools according to the specific processing conditions.

④Failure mechanism of PCD tool

The tool wears form mainly includes abrasive wear, adhesive wear (cold welding wear), diffusion wear, oxidation wear, thermoelectric wear, and others. The failure mode of the PCD tool is different from that of the traditional tool. The main failure modes of the PCD tool are polycrystalline layer breakage, bond wear, and diffusion wear. The result shows that the failure modes of metal matrix composites are mainly adhesive wear and intergranular cracks caused by diamond grain defects. When processing high hardness and high brittleness materials, the adhesive wear of the PCD tool is not apparent. On the contrary, when machining low-brittleness materials such as carbon fiber-reinforced materials, tool wear increases, and adhesive wear plays a dominant role.

The processing precautions PCD stone engraving carving tools,example: 

Suggest granite engraving parameter setting

Spindle speed: 24000r/min

Processing speed: 3000mm/min

Cutting speed of Z axis :200mm/min

Feed rate :80%

Engraving depth: no more than 1.8mm per time

ZY Superhard produce high quality four-edge pcd engraving (carving) tools 

Advantages as follows,

(1)The tool head adopts vacuum center welding technology

(2)The tool head and rod are integrated, and the force is more uniform in the process of use, which solves the problem of easy breaking of single-edge and double-edge knives and non-cutting knives

(3)Beginners can use it with ease

(4)Strong high wear resistance, long life, good toughness

(5)Cutting without burr


Because of its better processing quality and economy, the PCD tool shows incomparable advantages in non-metallic materials, non-ferrous metals and alloy materials, metal matrix composite materials, and other cutting tools. With the deepening of the theoretical research of PCD cutting tools and the further popularization of its application technology, the position of PCD cutting tools in the super hard cutting tool field is increasingly essential, and its application range is further expanding.


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