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Spiral Milling In The CNC Machining Process

At the present stage, along with the development speed of our science and technology constantly speeding up, effectively driving the rapid development of our mechanical processing industry, in the mechanical processing manufacturing industry, to aim at all kinds of advanced processing technology application degree is higher and higher, and more representative is numerical control processing technology, It has dramatically improved the efficiency and quality of the whole mechanized processing and numerical control technology has become an essential engineering link in the development process of the mechanical processing industry. Numerical control machining technology in the development process of the present stage, integrated into each production field of mechanical processing, effectively promotes the mechanical processing industry towards a higher level of development. Relevant staff in the actual process of work need for CNC machining technology to carry out adequate research for the specific application of spiral milling in the CNC machining process, launched an analysis and research.

1. Analysis of spiral milling technology

In the process of spiral milling, the tool is one of the essential structural components of the link; in the working process, the tool is along the cylindrical surface of the helix with constant movement, and at the same time, the tool is along the prescribed track route to complete the corresponding cutting work. Processing equipment in the process of work, the tool is in the continuous cutting work; the end edge of the bottom of the equipment can rotate into a ring body in the cutting of the bottom surface of the projection and form a circle projection structure on the bottom surface of the helix. In the actual process of the processing operation, spiral milling in the process of cutting, with the different angles around the different cutting variables, the tool is along the track of spiral milling when the depth of the cutting exceeds the preset depth of the case, then spiral milling is working immediately.

2. Application of spiral milling

2.1 Contour milling

In the contour cutting work, the traditional situation of the mechanical processing method is mainly through cutting tools and machining components to cut processing; the efficiency of the whole processing process is relatively low, but in the use of the milling cutter processing process, the whole processing efficiency is relatively high. But the milling cutter in the cutting process, if the vertical knife, then the whole cutting work has terrible damage to the structural components, even can not produce the situation of the knife. Based on this problem, to effectively solve the milling cutter, in the process of the following tool generated by the terrible interference problem, CNC machining technology usually uses of spiral milling way to carry out, the direction of the complete cutting tool needs operating along the path of the following tool, in the process of processing the internal outline of components, The programming system needs to be set along the outline of the interior towards the lower part of the helix, to ensure the accuracy of the entire cutter cutting. This setting way can effectively improve the processing and cutting efficiency of the fundamental component; at the same time, the service life of the machining tool has also significantly extended, which is widely useful in the machining process of the mechanical die at the present stage.

2.2 Thread processing

In the traditional form of a spiral processing method, the actual work process mainly used a thread milling cutter, which needed to process the components to cut to ensure the machining accuracy of the fundamental component. The process of processing usually needs to use the sleeve screw structure, and the whole operation process is relatively complex; with the development of CNC machining technology continues to accelerate; through more advanced thread machining methods, the cutting work is selected for the three-axis machine tool control method, can ensure the treatment and work efficiency of the whole CNC work, Compared with the traditional thread cutting machining method, the machining precision, machining efficiency, and machining cost of components have an undeniable advantage. At the same time, in the actual processing process, the thread direction of the thread structure and the spacing between adjacent threads don't affect it. In the process of machining, if the thread milling cutter is directly processed into a variety of directions of the rotation structure because of the transition segment or is retreated to the groove structure thread, you can use the traditional form of turning tool cutting method to operate. Still, this way, for some more complex structural components is difficult to carry out accurate processing operations, The disadvantages are very obvious, but through the way of CNC cutting, the accuracy of That significantly improves the complete machining and the process of CNC cutting thread can realize the adequate adjustment of the diameter size of the thread, the control degree of the whole thread structure is apparent, effectively improve the accuracy and efficiency of the whole machining component.

2.3 Application of hole processing technology

In the process of thread cutting, because of the spindle rotation of the machine tool, the spindle of the machine tool formed an effective connection in the center of the revolution process, forming two composite motion structures through this more special processing method, directly showing the advantages of spiral milling in the process of processing. First, in the spiral milling process, the cutting rate is relatively slow, the cutting process is relatively stable, and the external pressure under the cutting tool is relatively tiny; after processing, molding can fully meet the accuracy requirements of the whole processing component. The central point of the cutting tool part needs to set the cutting track effectively. The cutting line belongs to the helix rather than the straight line structure. The central area between the central point of the cutting tool and the machining hole coincides with ensuring that the whole processing state belongs to a dynamic and controllable workflow. In the actual cutting work, only a tool is needed to directly set the holes of the cutting components of different sizes and qualities. This improved method effectively shortened the working time generated by the traditional processing method. At the same time, it also saves the machining process complex and other nasty problems in the finishing process and effectively improves the working efficiency of the whole construction process. Meanwhile, it also reduces the number and cutting tools in the processing process and improves the economic benefits of CNC machining work.

3 Conclusion

In spiral milling work, the need for disconnect cutting process for effective control through this control method is conducive to the tool in the cutting process of the whole heat dissipation to reduce the adverse impact of environmental temperature on the tool, to prevent machining workpiece in the cutting process by bad deformation problems, effectively improve the machining accuracy of the whole workpiece.


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