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What is the pcd thread milling cutter?

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PCD milling cutter is a tool made by welding PCD composite pieces to a hard alloy or steel cutter body. Thus, the high hardness, wear resistance, low friction coefficient, and strength of polycrystalline diamond are combined with the high bending strength of tungsten carbide. The tungsten carbide layer provides mechanical support for the diamond layer and increases its bending strength. At the same time, the carbide layer is easy to weld and can be used to make various shapes of PCD milling cutters.

PCD milling cutters include: PCD end milling cutter, PCD end milling cutter, PCD T-slot milling cutter, internal R milling cutter, stone carving milling cutter, PCD ball end milling cutter, acrylic carving milling cutter, PCD thread milling cutter, etc., they can also be customized according to the tool pattern.

Here introduces the PCD thread milling cutter, as follows,

PCD thread milling cutter

pcd thread milling cutter is the pcd composite piece welded to the steel matrix toolbar made of the PCD tool. It is used for milling processing with one or more rotary tool teeth, working teeth successively intermittently to cut off the workpiece margin.

pcd thread milling cutter is mainly used for milling machine processing internal and external threads, steps, grooves, and others.

Because thread milling cutter can be used in milling machine processing plane, step, groove, forming surface, and cutting the workpiece, its versatility is excellent. Because the sharp-tooth milling cutter grinds a narrow edge band on the back surface to form the back Angle, its life is higher because the cutting Angle is reasonable.

With the development of CNC machining technology continuing to accelerate the cutting work, the more advanced thread machining method can ensure the treatment and efficiency of the complete CNC machining, thread cutting machining method, and traditional thread cutting machining method compared; it has an undeniable advantage in the machining accuracy, efficiency and cost of components. At the same time, in the actual processing process, it won’t be interfered with by the thread direction of the thread structure and the spacing between adjacent threads.

About sharp teeth and shovel teeth milling cutter

1. The tooth back of the sharp tooth milling cutter has three forms: straight line, curve, and broken line. Straight-back teeth are often used for fine teeth finishing milling cutters. Curve and broken line tooth back cutter strength is better, can withstand the heavy cutting load, and is often used for coarse teeth milling cutter.

2. The back of the shovel tooth milling cutter is processed into the back of the Archimedean helix tooth by shovel cutting (or shovel grinding). The thread milling cutter is blunt and must only be reground in front, which can keep the original tooth shape unchanged.

Characteristics of PCD thread milling cutter

Standard tool processing is challenging to process non-ferrous materials and often produces tool easy wear low processing efficiency defects. With pcd tool processing performance is good, PCD thread milling cutter performance is the same.

PCD thread milling cutter features:

1, PCD thread milling cutter has good versatility, such as especially suitable for aluminum, aluminum alloy, and titanium alloy batch processing;

2, pcd thread milling cutter sharp, high processing efficiency and quality, high processing safety;

3, compared with an ordinary thread cutter, pcd thread milling cutter has high hardness, good thermal conductivity and wear resistance, and long service life and other characteristics, reducing the production cost.

ZY PCD thread milling cutter adopts an independently produced five-axis linkage laser machining center, which can have better cutting-edge status and specifications.

PCD thread milling cutter can be customized according to the various cutting-edge shapes; if necessary, welcome to consult.

ZY PCD cutting tool manufacturers provide customers with PCD milling cutters, PCD blades, cutter heads, PCD non-standard cutting tool customization products, PCD cutting tool production and non-standard cutting tool application guidance, and other services, welcome to customize.

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