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BD Polishing Wheel

BD Polishing Wheel


1.BD polishing wheel, a kind of glass grinding wheel, also known as earth wheel, mud wheel, mainly used in special-shaped machine polishing, BD wheel is made of special polymer materials and very sharp alumina and silicon carbide mixed reaction, with excellent elasticity and polishing efficiency.

2. It is characterized by a long shape, and the polished glass edge brightness is very good, which is a typical glass edge processing technology. Scope of application: Polishing wheel type of shaped machine: cylindrical glass polishing cylindricity: < 180 (μm) Working line speed: 25M/S Speed: 3000/Min Particle size: daily standard 600 roundness: < 180 (μm) Material: Rare earth polishing sand 3.100/125/150*22*15/20mm A grinding tool for polishing glass edges installed in a special shape edging machine, a straight round edging machine or a wash basin edging machine, also known as the mud wheel.

4.BD wheel, sharp grinding, good polishing effect, suitable for processing large area of glass, even in the equipment with low precision will not tremble. Suitable for processing into OG, 2OG, 3OG, 45° bevel and other kinds of opposite sex wheel, widely used in polishing large round table, table glass, emergency glass, bathroom glass, low glass, water meter glass, as well as furniture glass, process glass, glass table plate, glass basin and beauty mirror bottom edge polishing.