PCD Countersinks

PCD Countersinks


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PCD Countersinks For carbon fiber composites,graphite composite

Work piece material:carbon fiber composites,graphite composite and others.

Specification: customized,

The Pcd countersink cutter is a high-strength alloy steel matrix, the cutting edge weld is pcd, and the heat treatment is HRC45-50.

ZY SUPER HARD pcd countersinks are used in the processing of CFRP, metal laminates countersunk rivet holes and bolt holes, etc.

Scope of application: aerospace wing carbon fiber processing, aluminum alloy materials, carbon fiber, composite materials, such as processing aviation carbon fiber parts, etc.

The fuselage, wings, and horizontal and vertical tail fins of the new generation of aircraft contain carbon fiber and aluminum alloy laminated materials.    In the assembly of the aircraft, a large number of holes are drilled on the parts that require rivets to be connected.

ZY SUPER HARD PCD countersinks 100 ° 120° and other universal product features:

Adopt high strength alloy steel matrix with pcd solder

Heat treatment HRC45-50, PCD cutting edge durability is high, reduce replacement time, improve processing efficiency;

Tool life increased by 200%, longer guide column life;

2A precision grade thread and cone fit to ensure high precision, quick and simple bit change;

Ensure the accuracy of each dimension, the surface roughness can reach Ra0.4, and the retention is good;

100° and 120° spot angles are available in metric systems, as well as other Angle sizes.

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