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Machine: Different Metal Cutting Machine Tools

Turning (Machine) Tools:First of all, the lathe does not refer to the machine tool for processing cars, but many people who have never been exposed to the field of processing and manufacturing think that the lathe is specifically used to process cars. It is true that the processing of auto parts requires the use of lathes, but it is not directly related to the car itself.The movement characteristics of lathe processing are: the rotating workpiece rotates around its own axis, and the tool does the forming feed movement.

Milling(Machine) Tools:The corresponding milling process of the milling machine is characterized by: the tool rotates around its own axis, and the workpiece and (or) the tool do feed movement. Due to its flexibility, milling is suitable for the processing of complex parts, especially the high-end CNC machine tools represented by five-axis CNC machine tools, and is now the only means and tools for processing complex curved parts such as airhead and impeller.

Planing (Machine) Tools:Planers are usually used to process parts containing long planes and long grooves. The cutting tool on the planer does reciprocating movement, while the workpiece does intermittent feed movement, and its working principle is similar to that of a carpenter processing wood with a planer.

Grinding (Machine) Tools:The grinding machine is often used for the finishing of parts or the grinding of metal cutting tools. Unlike the metal cutting tools commonly used in other processing processes, the grinder uses a grinding wheel. Grinding can process both large surfaces (surface grinding machines) and rotary surfaces (cylindrical grinding machines).

Boring (Machine) Tools:In fact, the first machine tool in the modern sense was the boring machine, which was born during the first Industrial Revolution in the United Kingdom  and was used to process the barrels of cannons and the cylinders of steam engines. It can be that the boring tool rotates the feed around a fixed axis, and the workpiece remains motionless or only does the feed movement. Suitable for all kinds of inner round surface and inner thread processing. In addition, it can also be that the workpiece rotates around its own axis, and the boring tool does the feed movement, such a processing principle is similar to turning, so the lathe can also be boring by installing the boring tool on the tool holder.

Broaching (Machine) Tools:Broaching machine relative to those mentioned earlier may hear less, its movement form is more simple. The broaching machine is mainly characterized by its tool, which is also known as the broach. The shape of the broaching surface depends entirely on the maximum cross-section shape of the broaching tool.

Drilling (Machine) Tools:The motion form of the drilling machine is relatively simple, and the hole processing is generally carried out through the point motion form. However, multiple processes of hole processing can be completed on the drilling machine, such as drilling, reaming, reaming, etc., and the tools used in each process are also different, corresponding to the rough processing, semi-finishing and finishing stages of the hole.

Other (Machine) Tools:In addition to the seven machine tools mentioned above, there are many special purpose machine tools, such as the gear hobbing machine used for processing gears, the screw thread roller machine for processing threads, the saw machine used in the preparation of blanks, and the electric discharge cutting machine commonly used in special processing, water jet cutting machine and so on.

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