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Gear Hobbing Cutter

Gear Hobbing Cutter


1.Gear hob is according to the helical gear pair meshing principle, with the development method cutting gear tool, gear hob is equivalent to a small gear, cut gear wheel is equivalent to a big gear. Gear hob is a spiral gear with a large helix Angle β0 and a small number of threads (1 to 3 teeth), a long tooth, and a spiral gear that can circle the hob dividing cylinder for many circles, so that it is like a worm with a small spiral rise Angle γz. In order to form the cutting edge, several chip grooves are milling along the axis of the worm end face to form the front and front angles; The back cutter face and back Angle are formed by the shovel teeth and the shovel grinding.

2.Gear hobs can be classified according to structure, use, hob cutting part of the material, hob head number.

Gear hob according to the structure: integral hob, insert tooth hob.

Gear hobs are divided into roughing hobs and finishing hobs according to their use.

Gear hob according to the hob cutting part of the material: high-speed steel hob, carbide hob.

Gear hob according to the number of hob points: single-head hob, multi-head hob.

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