Kinds Of PCD End Milling Cutters

PCD End Milling Cutters


Introduction : PCD End Milling Cutter ( Single And Double Edge Milling Cutter )

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Milling cutter is used for milling processing, with one or more teeth of the rotary tool, PCD milling cutter is in alloy or high-speed steel tool matrix welding PCD cutting edge, mainly used in the milling machine processing plane, step, groove, forming surface and cut workpiece.

Diamond PCD milling cutter suitable for processing aluminum, copper, zinc alloy and other non-ferrous metals, composite materials, graphite and other non-metallic materials, especially copper and aluminum processing, can achieve high light effect.

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Compared with ordinary cutting tools, PCD milling cutter has the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance and long life.


High hardness,

High temperature surface polishing,

Smooth cutting

Hairless without burr not easy to break knife

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ZY SUPER HARD provides a small size standard series of diamond pcd milling cutter with a variety of specifications such as 1-10 flat bottom cutter, round nose cutter, ball cutter, two-edge milling cutter, three-edge milling cutter and other standard pcd milling cutter.