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PCD MCD Diamond Posalux Tools

PCD MCD Diamond Posalux Tools


PCD MCD Diamond Posalux Tools For Jewellery

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Application:used for cutting and engraving gold/silverjewellery (chains/bangles/wedding band/bracelet/finger rings/labeling, etc.)

Usually they are used in the jewelry manufacturing and engineering cutting industries.

Edge material: PCD / MCD / ND / CVD

Type:Jewellery cutting tools

Machine:used for faceting and lathe machines. 


-Standard tool body-compatible to all kind of machinery

-Mirror-like finishing effect

-Long life time

-Can be repolished and repaired

Specification:Diamond width available from 0.5mm to 10mm.

non-standard specification as customer's drawings can also be made.

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Most Common posalux diamond(PCD/CVD/MCD/ND) tools are used for mirror bright cut finish on gold,silver,aluminum,non-ferrous material and others.

It has V-shape, Flat 180° ,Concave, Convex, Flat Lining, Concave Lining, Convex Lining, Left Bevel, Right Bevel, Diamond Shapes. It can be used make bright cut faceting on bangle, ring, balls, chains, pendent by mounted in Diamond Faceting Machine, CNC Machine, Lathe (Turning) Machine etc