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SP WC Indexable Insert U Drill

SP WC Indexable Insert U Drill


Application of U Drill.png

Application: used in CNC lathes,special purposes machines.

Recommend insert:WC/SP PCD Inserts.

Use machine tools: Machining center (CNC), CNC lathes, rocker drill.

Features of indexable U Drill.png


-Internal Coolant Supply

-Nickel-based coating, making it more durable for longer tool life.

-Design reasonable and smooth chip removal.

-Enough to avoid the empty position, to prevent chafing body.

-Optimized chip pocket increases the rigidity of the cutter body and makes the chip removal smoother

-Use hardening,not easy to deformation, can be used for strong drilling, improve efficiency

-Manufacturing Helical Flute for Smooth Chip Flow

-As Per Customer Requirement Manufacturing


Drill Insert Type:

SP WC U drill Indexable Inserts.jpg

Example of Specification:

u drill specification.jpg

Example of Parameters for U drill tool holders:

Parameters of  SP WC Indexable Insert U Drill.jpg

Details Example:

U drill Effectively avoid clearance and prevent friction.jpg

Installation instructions:


U-drill Working Shop

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