PCD PCBN Boring Tools

PCD PCBN Boring Tools


pcd tools introduction.png

(1) PCD / PCBN Boring has a good effect on machining deep holes and small aperture workpiece.

(2)PCD is specially used for processing non-metallic materials and non-ferrous metals and alloys.

(3)PCBN mainly processes quenched steel, cast iron, iron-based powder metallurgy, and other ferrous metals. Workpiece hardness should be >HRC45, as far as possible to dry cutting when milling or interrupted cutting; cutting depth is not more than 2/5 of the tooltip.

pcd tools features.png

(1)Excellent surface finish, rough processing, and fine processing can be done at the same time

(2)High hardness, high wear resistance,

(3) Long tool life, reduce the number of tool replacement

(4) High impact resistance

(5) Low cost of cutting tools and grinding 

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For specific models, please contact relevant sales service

For non-standard type,please supply drawing.

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Drawing Example 

pcd boring drawing.png