Diamond Honing Reamer

Diamond Honing Reamer


Diamond Honing Reamer And Vertical CNC Adjustable Diamond Reamer

Diamond Honing Reamer introduction.png

Craft: electroplating

Material: Diamond

Processing Customization: yes

Size: 80,120,240 mesh

Work-piece Material: gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, some steel parts

Processing Way: coarse / rough reaming, fine reaming

diamond honing reamer application.png

Applicable Industry: hydraulic, valve body and other industries

Applicable Hole Type : through hole, blind hole, step hole

Diamond Honing Reamer Advantages.png

Honing reamer advantages.jpg

1.High-grade diamond abrasives, uniform particle size, firm bonding, high external quality

2. The cylindricity of the reamed workpiece is less than 0.003, the roughness is up to RA0.4-0.2, the precision is high, the service life is long, and the efficiency is high.

3. More professional customized service, "tailored" service, standardized process, creating value for customers beyond the contract.

Diamond Honing Reamers

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Vertical CNC Adjustable Diamond Reamers 

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