ZY Superhard PCD Step Reaming and Drilling Tools

PCD Step Reaming and Drilling Tools


PCD Step Reaming and Drilling Tools


*High precision accuracy in hole making

*Long Working Life

*High Wear Resistance

Internatl Coolent: yes

Drawing of PCD Step Reaming and Drilling Tools

Drawing of PCD Step Reaming and Drilling Tools.png


ZY SUPER HARD produce a wide range of PCD drilling bits and stepped drilling bits for hole machining, rough cutting and fine cutting. A wide variety of point drill geometers have been developed to cover all possible applications, including prefabrication, through-hole and blank holes, but also take into account hole depth, wall thickness, interrupted or non-interrupted cutting and more. Our PCD and step drill bits are mainly used for drilling aluminum magnesium (AlSiMG), wood, plastic, CFRP, GRP and other materials.... Compared with traditional carbide drill bits, it shows excellent wear resistance and extremely long tool life when machining highly abrasive materials.

ZY SUPER HARD supply multi purpose drilling reamers with multi-guide pad solution, for complex hole machining, all in one tool to increase efficiency in the manufacturing process.

Our goal is to confer to the tool the maximum tool life, an excellent surface finish and reliable and constant hole size. Chip breaker is adopted that is effective in dividing and evacuating swarf in rotation cutting.