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White Al Oxide WA Oil Stone Abrasive Sticks

White Al Oxide WA Oil Stone Abrasive Sticks


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The ultra-cutting capacity of white corundum is 0.4-0.8μm/s, and the machined surface roughness is Ra0.08μm-Ra0.04μm.

White corundum is a kind of artificial abrasive, the color is white, "WA" is its international standard. White corundum texture is dense, the grains form a sharp Angle. Mostly used in the manufacture of ceramics, resin junction abrasives and grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting and so on. WA oil stone sticks can be used for trimming diamond and CBN grinding wheels or rounded trim.


A variety of sizes, a variety of granularity.

Since the product involves many dimensions, materials, particle size and other parameters, you can contact sales to inform the specific requirements.


1.It does not affect the color of the workpiece.

2.It can be used in the process of strictly prohibited iron powder residue to sandblast.

3.Its fine powder grade is very suitable for wet sandblasting and polishing operations.

4.It owns processing speed and high quality.

5.The amount of iron oxide is very low,suitable for strictly prohibited iron residue sandblasting operation.

Detail show:

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1.Carefully select materials and strictly control quality

2.Adopt high temperature calcination technology, uniform sand and high hardness

3.Support customization

Purchase instructions 

1.Which grinding wheel is suitable for dressing

Trimming WA White Al Oxide oil stone stick is limited to dressing diamond and CBN grinding wheels, mainly dressing plane and cylindrical grinding wheels.

2.How to choose the grain size of the oil stone

Mainly depends on the granularity of the grinding wheel to be dressed, generally choose 180#-220#, if the grinding wheel is soft or fine grain, you can increase the grain size of the WA oil stone sticks.

3.Can other sizes of oil stones be customized

If necessary,it can be customized according to customer requirements.