Oil Stone

Rectangle Ruby Oil Stone

Rectangle Ruby Oil Stone


1.Introduction for Rectangle Ruby Oil Stone

Ruby oil stone is made from aluminum oxide powder sintered at high temperatures. With solid hardness, and a polishing effect, the product into rose red, delicate, and tight structure. Ruby stone has almost no wear surface, high, hard, and sharp; in the grinding edge, only a adding few drops of water is ok; grinding out the blade can reach the point of cutting paper into silk, suitable for the final grinding tool use. Suitable for processing high-toughness quenched steel, alloy steel, precision measuring tools, and instrument parts with high finish requirements.

Customized support:ODM


Usage:grinding and polishing

Specification:such as 100*20*10,100*25*10,100*25*13


1. This product has fine processing, a smooth surface, high hardness, excellent self-sharpening, strong grinding force, high efficiency, acid and alkali corrosion, high-temperature resistance, and others.

2. Suitable for household kitchen knife, planer knife, razor, trimming knife, carving knives, and other tools grinding and high speed steel, alloy steel, bearing steel, automobile steel sleeve and other hard alloy ordinary grinding.


1. This quality is brittle and must be handled gently during use. It is strictly prohibited to knock or hammer.

2. When using, add appropriate amount of water and grind at the same time;

3. According to the needs, this product is generally used with natural terrazzo (rough grinding with this product first, then fine grinding with terrazzo).

3.Different types

Diferent types of Rectangle ruby oil stone.png