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ZY-superhard diamond cut-off wheel

ZY-superhard diamond cut-off wheel


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Fields of application of ZY-superhard diamond cutting discs(cut-off wheel)

ZY-superhard diamond cutting discs type are used to separate materials such as thermosets, ferrite, glass, glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP, CFRP), graphite, tungsten carbide, ceramics, natural artificial stones, silicon, quartz and porcelain. They cut cleanly and residue-free and are used in many material processing facilities.

1A1R Diamond cut off wheels 

For cutting carbide, glass, ceramic, silicon, quartz, glass fiber plastics (GRP), graphite, QFN and ultra hard steel, etc.

Fields of application of ZY-superhard CBN cutting discs(cut-off wheel)

For chrome steels, case hardened steels, chilled cast iron, HSS, ball bearing steels, For chrome steels, case hardened steels, chilled cast iron, HSS, ball bearing steels, powder metallurgy tool steels (ASP), Stellite tool steels and soft steel grades in certain applications, ZY-supehard boron nitride (CBN) cut off wheels type are used. The special properties of the material make it possible to economically cutting magnetic materials, HSS and hardened steels from 55 HRC.

1A1R CBN cut off wheels

For cutting hardened steel, cast iron, HSS, magnetic materials, bearing steel and mould steel, etc.

Use of abrasive cut-off wheels in automatic cut-off machines

The ZY-superhard 1A1R diamond cutting discs (cut-off wheels) and CBN cutting discs are excellently suited for using in automatic cut-off machines (for example Brand AMB, Bühler, Bimax, Anton Wimmer Cut-Off Machine) or other commercially available cut-off machines.They are also used on surface grinders, OD grinders, and machining centers,etc.

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Main Features

(1) Fast casting,improve cutting efficiency.

(2) Free of chipping,excellent cutting surface and edges.

(3)Smooth cutting,no chipping of the blades

(5)Much longer life than tradtional abrasive cutting wheels.

(6)High-quality diamonds produce sharp cutting tools that hold their shape, sharpen more easily, and require less trimming.

(7)A wide range of adhesives can meet the need to select more matching cutting blades for different processing objects.

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Common Specification : 

Diameter : 5″ (125mm), 6″ (150mm), 7″ (180mm), 8″ (200mm), 10″ (250mm), 12″ (300mm), 14″ (350mm), 16″ (400mm).

Thickness : 0.2mm – 2.0mm

Tolerance: ±0.010  to ±0.005mm

Hole : 12.7mm to 191.23mm, also can be customized.

Thickness : 0.2mm to 3.5 mm

Grit Size : 50 mesh to 2000 mesh

Bond : resin / metal/electroplated/hybrid

Colour : green,red,brown,golden

According to the different requirements of the processed products, the size of the diamond cut-off wheel is not the same.E.g.Glass tube (shisha) cutting usually use resin diamond cutting and specifications is : 160*1*32*13, then the diameter of the resin cutting disc is 160mm, the thickness is 1mm, the hole size is 32mm, layer ring width: 13mm.

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