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The classification and advantages of single crystal diamond tool

Diamond cutters have the advantages of extremely high hardness and wear resistance, low friction coefficient, high elastic modulus, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, and low affinity with non-ferrous metals. It can be used for precision machining non-metallic hard and brittle materials such as graphite, high wear resistance, composite materials, high silicon aluminum alloy, and other toughness non-ferrous metal materials. There are many types of diamond tools with significant differences in performance. Different types of diamond tools differ significantly in structure, preparation methods, and application fields.

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Single crystal diamond is a super hard material made of single crystal diamond with high hardness and wear resistance. It belongs to the diamond tool with polycrystalline diamond tool. People usually divide it into natural single-crystal diamond tools (ND) and mono-crystal diamond tools (MCD) according to their material differences. Two kinds of artificial single-crystal diamond tools can be divided into high-temperature and high-pressure and chemical vapor deposition methods of single-crystal diamond tools.We divide it into PCD and CVD.CVD usually includes CVD diamond thin coating tools(a thickness less than 30µm is deposited directly on the surface of the tool substrate.) and CVD diamond thick film coating tools(a thickness of up to 100µm without substrate).The classification of diamond cutters is as follows,

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Single crystal diamond SCD tool is a new type of cutting tool material. Because of its unique advantages in hardness, wear resistance, and thermal stability, it has become an essential material in tool machining. A brief introduction to the benefits and characteristics of the diamond single-crystal tool as follows,

 1. High hardness

Diamond is the hardest substance in nature. Its hardness is 250 times that of steel and 5,000 times that of aluminum. It enables diamond tools to cut and process hard materials such as metal, ceramics, and composite materials.

2. Good thermal stability

Diamond single crystal tool has good thermal stability because the diamond thermal expansion coefficient is small, which is good thermal conductivity. In complex machining situations such as high-speed cutting, high temperature, and high pressure, diamond tools can maintain shape stability and avoid steel expansion and deformation due to high temperature.

3. Precision wear resistant

The precision and quality of diamond single crystal tools are very high, enabling perfect cutting on tiny details without grinding or reprocessing. Therefore, using a diamond single-crystal tool can reduce the reprocessing rate of some products with high machining precision and high surface finish requirement.

4. Wide range of applicable materials

People use the diamond single-crystal tool in various materials, including iron, steel, hard alloy, non-metallic, ceramic, and other materials. It is suitable for manufacturing precision parts in aviation, automobile, machinery, electronics, instruments, medical and other fields

5. Long life

Diamond single crystal tool has longer service life than a traditional tool. The conventional device has noticeable wear and damage, and the diamond single crystal tool has a long service life, is not easy to wear, and has a long service life, and reduces its downtime in the process of use and wear caused by cracks.

6. High processing efficiency

Because of the diamond single-crystal tool's high hardness, good wear resistance, and high cutting efficiency can significantly improve the processing efficiency so that the processing precision is taller and the surface quality is better

7. Can be reused

People widely use single-crystal diamond tools in different industries because they can be reused again by regrinding. As a result, the cost of making tools is significantly reduced and helps to improve their productivity and efficiency.

In short, diamond single crystal tool has the advantages of high hardness, high precision, strong wear resistance, good thermal stability, wide application range, long life, and so on. It has become an essential, irreplaceable material in the modern manufacturing industry, which helps to improve processing quality, efficiency, and economic benefits.

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