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What are the uses of bronze sintered (metal bond) diamond and cbn cutting discs

Diamond cutting is one super hard cutting tool, and It is a standard tool in processing hard and brittle materials such as quartz glass and ceramic tungsten steel. The diamond cutting disc is mainly composed of two parts; Matrix and cutter head. The matrix is the central support part of the adhesive cutter head, and the cutter head is the part that cuts in the process of use; the cutter head is in use and constantly consumed, and the matrix body is not like that because it contains diamond, so it can play the role of cutting, diamond as the current super-hard material, it is friction cutting object in the cutter head. The diamond particles are encased in the metal inside the tool head.Sometimes we also call the diamond cutting disc to diamond cut-off wheel / cutting blade/diamond Blades/metal bond (Sintered) diamond blades - smart cut/diamond cutting wheels,here we say it to diamond cutting discs.

Manufacturing technology of bronze-sintered diamond cutting disc

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●Sintered diamond cutting sheet: It is mainly made of pressing sintering, including cold pressing sintering and hot pressing sintering.

Welding diamond cutting disc: high-frequency welding and laser welding are two kinds. High-frequency welding welds the tool head and the matrix together through the high-temperature melting medium. Then it melts the tool head and the matrix contact edge through the high-temperature laser beam to form a metallurgical combination.

Electroplated diamond cutting disc: the tool head powder is attached to the body substrate by electroplating.

Resin diamond cutting disc: mainly the diamond powder and phenolic resin through the pressing method attached to the aluminum base.

Sintered diamond cutting discs are a unique metal binder to add diamond particles, sintered at a specific temperature, pressure, and vacuum state through a variety of processing methods; precision processing, due to the binder on diamond particles holds strong and ultra-high wear resistance, especially suitable for alumina ceramics, oxidized ceramics, such as ceramic tube sleeve, ceramic insert core, ceramic denture, Ceramic insulation layer, ceramic plate, ceramic tube and other precision cutting and grooving processing.

Performance characteristics of sintered diamond cutting discs :

⟣ The blade has a long service life because of good grinding and high wear resistance

⟣ The hardness of the binder makes the blade have high rigidity characteristics so that the blade is not deformed during the cutting process to ensure the cutting surface's verticality.

⟣ Through the exemplary allocation of abrasive concentration and particle size, it can have good cutting efficiency to meet the requirements of cutting surface finish.

⟣ Advanced and scientific processing means and strict process control ensures that the shape and position size of the blade has high accuracy.

⟣The classification of the binder meets the requirements of selecting special blades for processing different materials.

⟣ Suitable for a single slice or multi-tool combination cutting.

Application of sintered diamond cutting discs:

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⟣ Cutting fuse glass tube disc - mainly used for cutting small diameter, thin wall fuse glass tube, and then maintaining a good sharpness of the state can still maintain good durability, service life can be maintained to 45 to 60 days/piece, and during the use can maintain a good shape, high precision, small slit, processing surface quality, We can provide corresponding cutting pieces according to the actual use of customers.

⟣ Zirconia ceramic cutting disc - cubic zirconia MOE hardness of 8.5, its mono-clinic crystal density of 5.85, with very high toughness and hardness, ordinary processing methods can not be processed. Diamond MOE hardness of 10 is a kind of fast processing of its super-hard tools; our company ZY super-hard uses high strength and high-quality diamond; suitable cutting pieces can be provided according to customer's needs. Continuous cutting does not appear to cause slipping or saw blade passivation phenomenon, but also avoids the problem of resin cutting sheet short service life.

⟣ Super fine stone cutting disc - according to different abrasives, the super fine stone is often divided into silicon carbide, alumina, diamond, and CBN stone. For these different materials, different bonding agents, and different processes, our company can provide you with the appropriate products to provide you with better products, and electroplating a layer of diamond clip saw on the saw blade to prevent blackening of oil stone section, and to ensure stable quality


Applications in other industries are: brake pad CBN cutting, carbide slotted cutting, circuit board cutting, sapphire cutting, valve rod professional cutting, and piezoelectric crystal cutting.

Precautions for cutting disc(cutting wheel):

⟣ Before installing the cutting disc(cutting wheel), please check If there is a gap or other damage; if so, please stop using it.

⟣ When the rotation direction of the cutting disc is marked, it should be consistent with the rotation direction of the machine tool. On the contrary, the cutting is not sharp, and it is challenging to play the performance of the cutting wheel.

⟣ Do not use an unsuitable cutting disc (cutting wheel).

⟣ If appearing abnormality during the cutting process, please stop operating the machine immediately and check the cause.

⟣ When the cutting is not sharp, the cutting disc (cutting wheel) should be trimmed; if you continue to use it, there is overheating, overload, and the possibility of grinding wheel damage.

⟣ When cutting the disc(cutting wheel) is rotating, it is strictly forbidden to cut with hands, and it is not allowed to touch the sand with hands and body 

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