Grinding Wheels

ZY 6A2 Vitrified Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels

ZY 6A2 Cup Vitrified Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels


1.Advantages of vitrified bond diamond and cbn grinding wheels

1-1. Vitrified (ceramic) bonded diamond grinding wheel

◆Long life and sharp cutting

◆ High grinding efficiency

◆ Grinding is not easy to heat and clog

◆Easy to control machining precision and easy to repair

◆Good chemical stability

◆ The shape of the grinding wheel is kept high

1-2. Vitrified (ceramic) bond CBN grinding wheel:

◆ High grinding efficiency;

◆ High machining precision;

◆Good work-piece size consistency

◆Long service life of grinding wheel


2.Applicable processing materials:

2-1.Vitrified (ceramic) bond diamond series: mainly used in hard alloy, PCD, PCBN, ceramics, cermet and other materials processing.

2-2.Vitrified (ceramic) bond CBN cubic boron nitride series: mainly used for cast iron, steel and other materials processing.



Diameter range: 3 ~ 1600mm,

Thickness range: 0.8 ~ 300 mm

Grit size range: 40/50# ~ 10000#

Especially for PCD tools grinding,common specification such as 6A2,D150-T40-H40-X10-W6/W10/W15/W20

4.Grinding Way (from 600 mesh to 10000 mesh):

Rough grinding,Semi-finishing grinding,Fine grinding,High Precision Grinding


6A2,11V9,12V9,1A1,1V1,12A2,14A1,and others.

Especially 6A2 widely used in PCD tools grinding.

6.Suitable for Grinder:



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