Grinding Wheels

SG WA GC PA Abrasive Grinding Wheels

SG WA GC PA Abrasive Grinding Wheels


Grinding wheels can be classified into granularity, material, structure, and other aspects. Standard grinding wheels classified by material are as follows:

1. Silicon carbide grinding wheel: the main composition is silicon carbide (SiC), high hardness, good wear resistance, and intense heat resistance, suitable for processing steel and other metal materials.

2. Alumina grinding wheel: the main component is alumina (Al2O3); high hardness, steel, non-metal and other materials have a better processing effect.

3. Borax carbide wheel: the main component is boron carbide (B4C), which has high hardness, good wear resistance, and compressive properties, suitable for processing high-hardness materials.

4. Corundum grinding wheel: mainly composed of alumina (Al2O3) and aluminate mineral crystals, high hardness, suitable for processing high-hardness metal materials.

5. Silicon nitride grinding wheel: mainly composed of silicon nitride (Si3N4), has high hardness and good heat resistance and is suitable for processing superalloys and other materials.

6. Diamond grinding wheel: Mainly composed of natural or artificial diamond, it has high hardness and it is suitable for processing hard and brittle materials, such as glass and ceramics.

In addition, grinding wheels can be classified according to different characteristics, such as particle size, structure, and density.

Introduction of different materials of grinding wheels

SG abrasive grinding wheel is especially suitable for the grinding of aerospace alloy, hardened steel, tool steel, hard chromium, hard cast iron, and others. SG can usually be mixed with white corundum (or other corundum abrasives) in a particular proportion to make grinding wheels according to the grinding requirements of different occasions, which has achieved the best combination of grinding effect and grinding wheel cost.

WA (38A) Chrome corundum abrasive grinding wheel is suitable for processing high-strength materials such as high-speed steel and alloy steel, with higher cutting efficiency than the white corundum grinding wheel, widely used in tool grinding, internal and external round grinding, and instrument parts grinding.

PA(25A) Chrome corundum abrasive grinding wheel, grinding performance is the same as white corundum, because the abrasive has a certain toughness, has a certain role in improving the workpiece surface roughness.

GC green silicon carbide abrasive grinding wheels have good self-sharpening,good thermal conductivity,high brittless.It is mainly used for processing hard alloy, titanium alloy, and optical glass, honing cylinder liners, and grinding high-speed steel props. As an abrasive, it can be used as a grinding tool, such as the grinding wheel, whetstone, grinding head, and others.

C black silicon carbide abrasive grinding wheels are suitable for the grinding of cast iron, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, non-metallic (such as rubber).

Different Shapes of grinding wheels

Shapes:straight wheel,double cup wheel,double bevelled,cylinder grinding wheel,dish grinding wheel,bowl shape grinding wheel

Application range of abrasive grinding wheels with different particle sizes:

Abrasive particle size general range of use

36#~100# heavy cutting casting, forging to fly edge burr

120#~150# rough grinding chamfer to deburr

180#~240# medium grinding, light whole deburring

240#~W20 fine grinding, fine polishing

W20 Mirror grinding with fine, fine grinding

Specific processing situation specific analysis,

We will provide grinding wheels according to the specific situation of customers

Application Example:

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