PCD Spiral Milling Cutter

PCD Spiral Milling Cutter



PCD spiral milling cutters use helical blades to reduce tool wear in rotary applications, as well as to achieve faster cutting speeds and longer tool life and applied in a wide range of fields: aviation, aerospace, automotive, electronics, graphite processing and other fields.

Milling cutter material: PCD 

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Tool diameter: D0.4-D20 series standard and can accept non-standard. 

Tool handle diameter: British, metric double standard custom. 

Production standards: picosecond laser cold processing or electric grinding composite processing PCD spiral milling cutter.

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Application industries: aerospace, space communication, biological engineering, automotive, graphite, acrylic, and other fields. 


Raw materials imported PCD,high standard; 

Cutting edge overall spiral PCD design, multi welding form, 

High strength, high rigidity, high wear resistance;

Large screw angle design and reasonable distribution of cutting force; 

Multi - edge processing improves milling quality.

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