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RCGX PCD CBN Round Milling Inserts

RCGX PCD CBN Round Milling Inserts


RCGX PCD CBN Round Milling Inserts  

RCGX pcd inserts Application: Cutting and Milling non-ferrous metal,high-silicon aluminum,Corper,Plastix, composite material,fiber,carbide and others.

RCGX CBN Inserts Application: Cutting and Milling quenched steel, gray cast iron, stainless steel, etc.

Common Specification:

RCGX PCD Milling Inserts drawing.png

RCGX120300 RCGX120400 RCGX12T300 RCGX10T300 RCGX080300 RCGX RCGX060300 RCGX060400 RCGX090400

RCMX120300 RCMX120400 RCMX12T300 RCMX10T300 RCMX080300 RCMX RCGX060300 RCGX060400 RCGX090400