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MCD SCD Diamond Polishing Tool For Acrylics

MCD SCD Diamond Polishing Tool For Acrylics


1.Brief introduction:Acrylic diamond(MCD/SCD) polishing tool knife clamped on the diamond polishing machine cutter, used for acrylic, plexiglass, light guide plate, crystal block, high-density materials such as trimming, chamfering highlight mirror fine affect polishing.It can be used in combination with PCD polishing tools.

2.Advantage: Easy re-grinding, need to grind the straight edge and achieve the point opposite arc cutting highlight effect, significantly saving grinding cost and increasing service life.

3.Work-piece Materials:PMMA / PS / MS / Acrylic / PP plate / Electric boardwork piece materials 1 PMMA  PS MS sheet.jpg

workpiece material acrylic PP plate and Electric board.jpg

3.Related Machine such as Acrylic polishing machine,CNC engraving and milling machine,etc.

CNC engraving and milling machine.jpgBT30 tool Shank cutter.jpgMCD acrylic polishing knife Model: 34*6*12*R10,32*6*12*R10,and others.

4.Related Products such as MCD / SCD chamfering tools,engraving tools.etc.PCD SCD MCD Diamond Chamfering Cutting Tools.jpg

PCD SCD MCD Diamond Cutting Tools.jpg

We supply different acrylic polishing knife,for non-standard,we provide customized according to the drawing.