SCD Tool

MCD diamond side milling tools

MCD diamond side milling tools


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MCD single crystal diamond side milling tools mainly are used for side milling,end face milling,slot milling,It has long service life,no vertical lines,no crumbs.


Concentricity: 5μm

Processing precision of mirror: Ra0.1

Tool runout: 3μm

Back Angle of cutting edge: 3-12°

Tool tolerance: ±0.001mm

Cutting depth: less than 0.1mm

Please note:For the smaller tool, the higher speed can increase the cutting force; the big size tools can adapt a slightly lower rate, such as ≤ 4 mm cutter: speed 2000r/min, feed: 400mm/min, cutting allowance: 0.06mm, must add cooling.MACHINING DIAGRAM.png

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Processing  acrylic.jpg

Cutting allowance: 0.10mm

Cooling mode: water vapor spray

Speed: 24000r/min, feed :800mm/min

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Cutting allowance: 0.05mm

Cooling mode:Special coolant for castings

Speed: 18000r/min

feed :1000mm/min

In order to improve the surface finish of the workpiece, please pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Select machine tools with high precision and small vibration

2. Adopt high speed, low feed, small cutting depth

3. Spare a little less, the cutting amount is controlled below 0.1mm, select the suitable special coolant

4. If the blade is not sharp, it should be re-grinding and polishing

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